Yoga is science and art of realizing the Absolute i.e. the ultimate reality or supreme consciousness.

  • Holistic living i.e. physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual well being.

  • Science of health, harmony and happiness i.e. ("HHH")

Bliss – Permanent state of happiness or the state of bliss or the ānandamaya koṣa – this is the stage of self-realization.

Yoga is a process of all round personality development attained through:

  • Asanas: deep relaxation at muscular level

  • Pranayamas and Breathing Techniques: slowing down of breath and maintaining balance at pranic level

  • Meditation: increasing creative and will powers at mental level

    • sharpening the intellect and calming down the mind at intellectual level by notional correction and listening to discourses (Jnana Yoga)

    • enhancing the happiness in life and equipoise at emotional level brought about by bhajanas, prayers and devotional sessions (Bhakti Yoga)

    • manifesting the innate divinity in man in all aspects of life brought about by following the rules of Karma Yoga.